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5 Clans is a partnership between Yggdrasil Gaming and Reflex Gaming, so get ready for some swords and sandals action. The five factions in this slot machine have been at war for decades over control of the unimaginatively named “central lands.” The five factions’ matching special symbols are four extra features and one retriggerable set of free spins that increases the stakes in the ongoing conflict.

Reflex Gaming has taken 5 Clans in an epic direction, which is a good sign. At the very least, they’ve attempted something grandiose, with mixed results. The erupting volcano reminiscent of Mount Doom and the fertile valley to its right make for a fantastic fantasy backdrop. We assume they are the ‘core regions’ of the legend, and they seem like suitable fighting territory. The score merits special note. The soundtrack, too, has an epic feel to it, but that’s just because the game’s foundation is so similar to Game of Thrones. When you activate your free spins, the music will switch. The score then fits the mood of aerial drone video shot in 4K over a famous tourist site like Venice. Like the rest of 5 Clans, the audio-visual elements are mostly there but ultimately fall short of expectations.

The action takes place on a zigzag grid of 10 fixed paylines, spanning 5 reels, 3 rows. Lineups of identical symbols, beginning with the leftmost reel, pay out in this game. When playing 5 Clans, you may expect an RTP of 96% even if the game is controlled by a low volatile mathematical model. Despite not appearing to have much juice, the maximum win on 5 Clans is a whopping 27,471 times your initial wager.

Spins may be played for anywhere from 20 pence to £/€100, and the highest-paying symbols are the five clan chiefs. The ice element is represented by Eira Frost, the dragons by Dracomorgan, the wolves by Lupa-left eye, the lions by Abbas, and the fire element by Kai McDuff. Get five of these fierce warriors on an active payline and you’ll be awarded 6x to 75x your wager. The four suits of low value playing cards (hearts, spades, clubs, and diamonds) stand out like a sore thumb. If you get five of a type, you win three times your original wager. Wilds can appear in a few distinct guises (all of which will be discussed below), and can substitute standard pay symbols to create winning line combinations.

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Extra Shield emblems (one for each of the five clans) have their own unique effect. These can show up during regular play or the bonus round, and they all have unique effects when used. In cases where a respin is available, just that Shield icon will be present on the reels. At the conclusion of the respins, the outcome is reevaluated.

Red Shields trigger a full-reel super wild that grants a respin. A respin is locked and awarded if a red shield rests on it. There is a chance for up to four Super Wilds to appear.

Green Shields – rewards a respin and adds a random number of wild symbols to the reels. more wilds that appear during the respin also lock, allowing for more spins to be taken. This method allows for the addition of up to 13 wilds.

When a Purple Shield appears, it locks in place and grants free spins until no more Purple Shields appear. After then, up to fifteen of them will all become the same character sign.

Blue Shield grants a multiplier of up to x50 on all wins.

The Orange Shield symbol: if it appears on the fifth to last reel, you get nine more free games.

Bonus Turns

When the orange shield appears, as previously said, free spins will begin. Shield Symbols appear more frequently throughout this bonus round than they do during the main game. When you get an Orange Shield, you get three more free spins at the end of the round.

Purchase Option

If you’re not in the mood to wait, you may try buying 9 free spins for 100 times your bet using the feature purchase option.

The 5 Groups’ Opinion on the Fruit Machine

It’s clear that Reflex Gaming had certain specific goals in mind with 5 Clans, and although they partially succeed in some areas, they fall short in others. The visuals are passable at times, and the whole vibe has a Game of Thrones feel to it, so there is some element of fantasy at work here. If you’re really homesick for Westeros, giving 5 Clans a spin or two could help. It’s likely to be faster than waiting for The Winds of Winter to come out, whose publication date keeps getting pushed back.

The base game of 5 Clans was rather dull, considering the slot’s abundance of expansions. The short answer is that they didn’t activate frequently enough. Due to the lack of a hard number, we can only estimate the frequency as being anywhere between one and two modifications for every hundred spins. Occasionally, the game’s modifiers would go off, rousing us from our tedium and perhaps yielding some results of interest.

In the bonus round, the pace quickens and the music takes on a more personal tone. It seems like 5 Clans saves its strongest elements for the bonus game, where modifiers might appear after every spin. Not even that could get the activity into a frenzy. On paper, however, 5 Clans looks like quite the berserker, with a maximum win amount of 27,471 times the wager according to Reflex. Based on our playthrough and the game’s modest volatility, we estimate that an exceptional outbreak of clannish violence on the reels would be necessary to get such a result.

While we enjoyed our time on 5 Clans while it lasted, we won’t be going back. It accomplishes certain things that aren’t terrible. Some fantasy lovers may be able to immerse themselves in the game’s world thanks to the game’s visuals, cheering for whatever clan strikes their fancy. 5 Clans has a lot of promise on paper, thus it might really resonate with some people. There were also moments when the entire operation felt overly corny. The dullness of the core gameplay coupled with the simplicity of the arithmetic made most rounds of 5 Clans feel like a chore.






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